The Workshop

Available Dates

November 5th – November 11th, 2023

*Participants are requested to arrive on Sunday, November 5th in the afternoon.*


Both workshops are held and overseen by Philippe Garguil (wildlife photographer, cineaste and naturalist) and Christophe Courteau (wildlife photographer and biologist).

Prices (VAT included)

€ 1'870 per person double room full workshop

€ 1'620 per person double room
(accompanying non-photographers)

€ 2'130 per person single room full workshop

This includes full lodging and meals (open bar)
except Friday night dinner in Golegã where the participants
are free to choose their program for the evening.

Not Included:
Transfer to and from the airport
to the Herdade do Pinheiro (€ 140 per car per transfer).




Wildlife Photographer and Cineaste

It is by passion that Philippe Garguil, naturalist, became a photographer and cineaste. Once a teacher always a teacher ! Philippe has taken advantage of the skills of his first job to heighten people’s awareness of Nature and the environment they live in. For the past 30 years he has published many wildlife articles in magazines all around the World, over 10 books on French birdlife, has produced 28 wildlife documentaries for television and worked as cameraman for another 33 others.

He also worked in cinema alongside Jacques Perrin for the film “Le Peuple Migrateur” (Winged Migration), “Oceans” and “Seasons”.



Wildlife Photographer and Safari Tour Leader

Former Biologist, Christophe Courteau has been a professional wildlife photographer and Safari Tour Leader for more than 25 years. His photos have been published worldwide by the biggest magazines like «National Geographic» or «The New York Times». In France, his photos have been featured in «Paris Match», «Figaro Magazine» and many more! He is also the author of many books, mostly about Africa, published by Flammarion, Robert Laffont, Glénat, Michel Lafon, Ouest France, Vilo, White Stars...

Christophe is one of the very few true professional wildlife photographers and Tour-Leader in France (he was one of the pioneers in the 90s). He organizes and leads photographic safaris on the five continents.

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What’s on the program?

Monday, November 6, Tuesday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 8, classic workshop directed by Christophe Courteau and Philippe Garguil on the Herdade do Pinheiro.

Wildlife with feathers and with fur, landscape, cattle, horses, macro photography of mushrooms (mushroom picking too) of plants and gorgeous sunsets. The list is not exhaustive!

Thursday, November 9th en route to the Golegã horse fair. Lunch stop for a traditional meal, visit and wine tasting at a cellar, arrival in Golegã, dinner and a Fado evening.

Friday, November 10th discover Golegã and its incredible fair. Lunch in a typical “fair” restaurant. Open dinner.

Saturday, November 11th, blessing of the riders in front of the church, light lunch on the Herdade do Pinheiro stand, return to Lisbon. End of workshop.

Get advice from the pros!

Each day, time will be given to go over your photos and Philippe and Christophe will help you correct and perfect your techniques.

There will also be a possibility of photo development on LightRoom Classic with Christophe.

More Details


Within the traditional Alentejo village (Monte) of the Herdade do Pinheiro, guest houses have been refurbished to welcome you in colourful, cosy rooms with adjoining living spaces. Each guest house has its bathroom with shower and kitchen. Breakfast will be taken individually at your own leisure.


Extra care will be taken to tease your palates with local delicacies and national specialties. Please do not hesitate do indicate if you have dietary restrictions or preferences.


This photography course is open to all but you do need to be knowledgeable enough to be alone in the hideouts. A minimum of 300mm lenses are highly advised, obligatory use of a tripod.

Some equipment can be rented (Nikon).


There are various mobile hideouts (tents). Most are for one person but we do have a double occupancy one.

All the static hideouts are in wood with large reflecting windows or camouflaged openings. You remain invisible to animals on the other side. All of these hideouts are for 2 people. The hideouts used for overnight observation have dry-toilets.

You will be accompanied and driven to your destinations on each of your outings. Do not forget, this is a large property!

Course Languages

This workshop will be held in English and French.

Extra Activities

For the less keen photographic amateurs, or those accompanying, other activities are also possible. These include horseback riding, safaris by 4x4 across the property, Nature walks (with and without a guide) and cooking classes.