Photo by Philippe Garguil

Activity Areas


Discover our activity areas, from breeding remarkable horses and cattle, developing agriculture in an ecologically sustainable environment to creating a bird sanctuary and our commitment to protect and value the rich biodiversity that blends in with the history of Herdade do Pinheiro.

Origins and History

"Herdade do Pinheiro is part of the National Reserve of the Sado Estuary. Covering over 5000 hectares, it allows wild boars, buck deer and the likes to spread easily over woods and pastures and surrender to their different kinds of mischief, whilst birds, especially eagles, more numerous every year, have turned the Estate into a very active sanctuary.

On the property and close to the Sado, 14 kms away from the major road, the Monte is now home to more than 60 people, some of them still working on the farm, others calmly enjoy their retirement in the same quiet village where they have spent their lives. The Monte is a community. Life has not changed much and old time habits are very much alive. When the nights get warmer, some of the people of the village abandon their kitchens, gather around an open fire and grill what they have brought for their own supper."