Lusitanos for everyone

Nilo (MV), the well-known stallion who belonged to the National Stud, sired many years at the Herdade do Pinheiro. All of the Lusitanos today are descendants of this remarkable horse. Nilo’s genes mixed with the Herdade do Pinheiro mares, daughters of Tango or Zorro, added a little spark leading to great horses in the world.

HP Stud – a family Paradise

The stud was created in 1906 by Edmond Bartissol, ancestor to the actual owners. He started by importing Percherons from France to work in the fields. According to the archives the Herdade do Pinheiro stud started breeding Lusitanos in 1916. Throughout the years many types of horses have been bred from Lusitanos to Selle Français, from English thoroughbreds to Luso-arabs. For decades the Lusitanos shone in the National Agricultural Fairs.

Convalescing and Retired-horses project

Our stud offers appropriate installations with professional staff to receive convalescing or retired horses. The staff is responsible for taking care of the horses and the horses can stay in an open, closed or mixed environment.

What Our Clients Say

"The most magical stud I have ever experienced. Such lovable and caring people. The horses are so gentle and magnificent. Pure stunning lusitano horses in their true glory.
Thank you for having me at the stud and for the magical moments we shared.
A stud who has perfect harmony with the horses which is so beautiful to watch. The horses are treated with love and respect."

"A truly unique stud farm: at Herdade do Pinheiro you will find yourself in a true paradise where horses grow happy, healthy and without rush: the right ingredients that allows them to become lifetime equine companions. It is a true privilege to work closely with this centenary institution."

It is impossible to ignore that Portugal is a country of horses and in particular the Lusitano horse. To discover these horses and their environment, go to the Herdade do Pinheiro in Alentejo...the foals are cared for and loved daily making them very social and affectionate. The horses are essentially bred for a private clientele desiring a horse with good gaits, good character and comfortable to ride. 

«translated extract of the article "On the land of the Lusitanos" Le Cavalier Romand, November 2017»